Borrowed Poems from Friends


 memories and friends
 thats whats left of me
 i have no defense
 im all that you see
 theres nothing left
 of this young man
 i'm lost in this world
 without a plan
 so i climb up high
 to be near the sky
 i step to the edge
 with arms held high
 wish you were here
 to watch me fly
 i take the leap
 my pain and anger
 i shall keep
 im falling fast
 watching my life pass
 its too late
 to change my mind
 goodbye to my friends
 i left behind

     an original and published poem
           william wayne watts
            a.k.a wicked wayz

"Death 5" from Cities of the Silent

to look into his eyes
to see his love
to feel his strength
that strength that will carry us
thru the most difficult of times
to see what we will have made
for generations to come from the love we share
to know that when i close my eyes i see his face
to now know he owns my soul
he not only has this heart
wanting to love needing to be loved
he has ME
no questions he has me FOREVER

an original poem
Leslie Dumont
aka UltraJoy

"Grave 1" from Cities of the Silent


Lost in thought of what's going on
Trying to understand why people do what they do
Deciding what values are right or wrong
Isn't it hard growing up?

Half man, half boy
Spirits torn
Too many decisions to cope with

Some people play with you like a toy
Isn't it hard growing up?
Oh, isn't it hard just trying to grow up?

-Mike Dyer
(from "The Best Years of our Lives"
by the DRHS Drama Club)